World's first practical and scalable application of stem cell differentiation induction technology, including those applied to iPS cells, to recapitulate human respiratory epithelial cells.
Drug screening services, for both respiratory safety and in situ efficacy, for efficient identification of candidate molecules of desired profile.

HiLung's innovative technology

It has been long known that stable and reliable cultivation of primary cells (i.e., directly sourced from the patients) is very difficult, much less at a mass scale. By inducing stem cells to differentiate into human respiratory epithelial cells based on our portfolio of patented differentiation technologies, we have brought about mass-produced cells that have essentially the same functions as in living organisms, as a model reliably reproducing human pathophysiology in vitro. Ours is the world's first successful industrial application of such technology.

Underlying all our efforts and services are a core consisting of a series of proprietary technologies that enables this differentiation induction process particular to respiratory cells and organoids. We are developing a variety of drug discovery platforms and services on top of these core technologies. The reconstructed human cells can be used as a highly accurate model replicating human physiology and disease for disease-level AND patient-level target discovery, stratification, and validation, as well as lead discovery and optimization, as well as drug repurposing and personalization research purposes.

We will thus assist in greatly accelerating the discovery and development of drugs to treat respiratory diseases for which no curative option exists, and in addition, the use of highly functional cells.
By continuously creating innovative therapies such as regenerative medicine, we will be able to our goal is to reduce the number of people suffering from respiratory diseases as much as possible.

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