We are offering our innovative "human robust, reproducible & reliable respiratory platform" that is reconstructed from normal and diseased human lung tissue, to dramatically enhance and accelerate respiratory drug discovery.



We are a biotechnology company specializing in the respiratory organs, founded based on our proprietary human respiratory cell reconstruction technology. We are committed to offering revolutionary value to the society by contributing to therapeutic development for respiratory diseases.

We have experience in dramatically accelerating the drug discovery process for respiratory diseases based on our extensive experience and recent findings on "lung stem cell biology", including those based on human iPS cell differentiation technology. Our services will assist in efficient preclinical discovery of highly effective therapeutic drug candidates based on well-founded human pathophysiology models we have developed. We will continue to adapt and optimize our human lung model servicing and packaging to better fit our clients' needs, while establishing the additional science and the track record ultimately needed to bring about cell and tissue therapies for respiratory organs.


We are the pioneer in mass-producing reconstructed human respiratory epithelial cells.
Our iPSC-derived respiratory cells will dramatically accelerate respiratory diagnostic & therapeutic R&D.

Our core technologies and engineering have for the first time enabled a very reliable mass production of human respiratory epithelial cells that essentially replicates human biology. We are applying this core technology to replicate disease pathophysiology for drug discovery purposes and normal physiology for toxicity studies, and will further strengthen it to enable cell therapy and tissue transplantation purposes.


Our drug discovery platform
facilitates uniquely efficient identification of therapeutic candidates
with high efficacy and safety potential,
thereby accelerating pharmacologic and biologic breakthroughs.

We provide stem cell-derived human respiratory cells to users who wish to utilize them in drug discovery assays and toxicity safety studies. We also offer customized differentiation of iPS cells into respiratory epithelial cells on a per-contract basis.
If you are interested, please contact us.
Drug discovery & Development
We have been conducting drug discovery research using our proprietary in vitro disease models, initially for rare diseases such as cystic fibrosis and idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis, with plans to expand further into other more common diseases including oncology.
Cell therapy / Regenerative Medicine
We are conducting research to realize cell- and tissue-based therapies that enable lung regeneration at the tissue- and organ-scalel for diseases and conditions that have not been well-addressed by conventional molecular pharmacological treatment concepts.

We look forward to receiving applications from those who share our mission.

We are not currently recruiting.